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"Our Political World in Data"

Description: Before we can explain political phenomena, we have to describe and measure them. Political scientists in recent years have created datasets that capture politics across time and around the globe on such diverse topics as states and conflict, democracies and dictatorships, political leaders and parties, and the political role of ethnic groups and women. The rise and easy availability of such big data, however, risks their uncritical use. In this seminar, students therefore familiarize themselves with prominent datasets in political science, visualize their information, critically evaluate them, and use them to answer questions about politics, such as what states do and what challenges to their rule they face; what distinguishes democracies from dictatorships; which political elites run the state and the regime; and what say social groups have in politics. Syllabus

Heidelberg University, Summer 2020; University of Chicago, Winter 2019


"B.A. Thesis Seminar in Political Science"

University of Chicago, Spring 2017 – Spring 2018


"Introduction to Comparative Politics"

Heidelberg University, Summer 2015


Teaching assistant:

"Linear Models"

for John Mark Hansen, University of Chicago, Winter 2019

"Introduction to Comparative Politics"

for Michael Albertus, University of Chicago, Spring 2018

"Political Economy of Development"

for Chris Blattman, University of Chicago, Spring 2017

"Economic and Social Statistics"

for Ruth Beckmann, Summer 2011, 2010

"Introduction to Comparative Politics"

for Aurel Croissant, Winter 2010

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